Fruit & Vegan Chicken Fajita – Top Good Healthy Protein & Weight Loss Snack Food


Patriotic Mini Cheesecake – Best Easy July 4th & Spring Holiday Snack Food Project

A large wave on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, sucks sand off of the seafloor and into the wave itself. This photo is the cover image of Clark Little's latest coffee table book, Shorebreak.

Surfing At Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA – Extreme Outdoor Adventure & Spring Tourism


Patriotic Berry Yogurt Smoothie – Top July 4th Holiday Calorie Diet Party Design Drink


Patriotic Sparkling Cocktail – Top Easy Design Project For July 4th & Spring Holiday


Patriotic Chocolate Pretzel Treat – Best Easy July 4th Holiday Party Snack Food Project


Patriotic Push-Up Jello Treat – Best Cheap & Easy July 4th Holiday Party Snack Food


July 4th Pinwheel Cookie – Cheap Easy Patriotic Holiday Party Treat Decor Project

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