14 Cocktails Recipe For Christmas & New Year Party Within Your Budget

1. Pear & Thyme Sparkling Cocktail plus a lot of healthy & fresh apple juice. Follow this link for the amazing recipe.


2. Pomegranate Christmas Cocktail with grapefruit juice & Vodka. View here for yummy recipe.


3. Christmas Cranberry Margaritas with 100% fresh cranberry juice & lime juice. Tons of healthy vitamins & minerals. View here for healthy delicious recipe.


4. Cherry Almond Cocktail with Cherry Brandy & a lot of milky tasting, yay! Your guests will love this no matter what type of personality they are. Click here for delicious recipe.


5. Cranberry Mint Cocktail with rum & fresh lime juice. View here for yummy recipe.


6.Gingerbread Cocktail with milky tasted Vodka. Get the delicious recipe here.


7. Pomegranate & Champagne Cocktail, healthy with extra source of vitamin A, B & E. Try this healthy recipe here.


8. Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail. Follow this link for that amazing recipe.


9. Red Champagne Recipe with full of vitamins, fresh & delicious strawberry. Click here for that healthy yummy recipe.


10. Christmas Elf Cocktail with Lime Sherbert to archiving a cool tone of green hue surely will catch your guests’ eyes. Get the beautiful recipe right here.


11. Spicy Apple Rosemary Cocktail with a little dash tasting from Italian. Click here for delicious recipe.


12. Strawberry & Pomegranate Cocktails, provide to your body tons of vitamin A, B, C & E plus many fiber & micro elements. Get the healthy cocktails recipe here.


13. Orange Bitter Cocktail with Champagne plus fresh orange juice. View here for yummy recipe.


14. Moscato Champagne Jelly Cocktail with the most luxury tasted from Gold-leaf wishing you A One Big high class New Year to be! Try this delicious recipe here. And Happy New Year to you all, best wishes from our heart!!


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